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        Jiangsu Process Metal Equipment Co., Ltd



        Add:No.6-2 Donggang Road, Dongping Town, Lishui Distict, Nanjing, PRC

        TEL:   0086-25-56210120

        FAX:   0086-25-56210121

        Jiangsu Process Metal Equipment Co., Ltd(JPMEC) is an enterprise specialized in design, fabrication and installation of process equipment (pressure vessels included),  pressure pipe and steel structure for petrochemical, chemical, mineralmetallurgy, environment curative, construction, medical equipment, ocean industry and other industries. The previous company―Jiangsu Jianghang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd had established more than 10 years. The main materials of equipment,  piping and construction parts are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel and nickel alloy, and special clad material.
        JPMEC, located at Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, have 30, 000 m2 facility area in 67, 000m2 factory area. We can supply a suit service from design, manufacture, inspection, transportation and installation for process equipment, piping and steel structure. JPMEC has special workshop for large size equipment. We can produce the…

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